A Nice Caring Person that's intelligent, handsome and kind very quiet and would do anything for his family.
that guy is so handsome and quiet he must be a Darren
by animelover66 October 21, 2015
1.Derivative of the ancient battle-god, Darrenethis, who brought the thunder upon all who opposed him. He was also known as a great Sex God
2. Name for those of pure awesome and Epic quantities
3. A true gentleman and charismatic
4. Funny as hell
1. Dude, did you hear what John did? he totally pulled a Darren on this guy and then banged his girl!
2. "Hey, did you see that guy at the party last night"
"yeah he was a regular Darren!"
3. "Hey this guy took my ex out to a fancy restaurant and treated like a real lady"
"A class Darren Act"
4. "MAN he's so funny, he's such a Darren!"
by T-Jay007 September 25, 2008
A huge douche who likes to call his sexual owner daddy
Owner: suck it
Darren: it shal be sucked
by XxGrimmzxX June 04, 2015
Being a 'darren' means you are being an idiot, you've said something stupid, weird etc...
P1: I love how JB spat on his fans.
P2: Don't be such a darren...
by I-f1 August 04, 2013
A formally stand up guy, famed for dropping inappropriate comments at the best of times, who's status took a huge hammering on the day he spent massaging the geek ego of the bearded know-it-all!!
Holy shit, that guy used to be sick, now he's gone & shacked up with that douche. He's really pulled a Darren
by Diamond Dogg December 02, 2013
A group of anti-christian, anti-gay activists originiating in Tennesee in 1938.
darrens;"Justice for Purities"
by MichaelBalter November 03, 2006
A really cool jerk. I love to sit on the phone with him while he's with his friends. He's so sweet. He's also a meanie, but I don't mind. :)
Darrens my sweety.
by Sara, No H November 28, 2009

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