1.Derivative of the ancient battle-god, Darrenethis, who brought the thunder upon all who opposed him. He was also known as a great Sex God
2. Name for those of pure awesome and Epic quantities
3. A true gentleman and charismatic
4. Funny as hell
1. Dude, did you hear what John did? he totally pulled a Darren on this guy and then banged his girl!
2. "Hey, did you see that guy at the party last night"
"yeah he was a regular Darren!"
3. "Hey this guy took my ex out to a fancy restaurant and treated like a real lady"
"A class Darren Act"
4. "MAN he's so funny, he's such a Darren!"
by T-Jay007 September 25, 2008
Being a 'darren' means you are being an idiot, you've said something stupid, weird etc...
P1: I love how JB spat on his fans.
P2: Don't be such a darren...
by I-f1 August 04, 2013
A formally stand up guy, famed for dropping inappropriate comments at the best of times, who's status took a huge hammering on the day he spent massaging the geek ego of the bearded know-it-all!!
Holy shit, that guy used to be sick, now he's gone & shacked up with that douche. He's really pulled a Darren
by Diamond Dogg December 02, 2013
A group of anti-christian, anti-gay activists originiating in Tennesee in 1938.
darrens;"Justice for Purities"
by MichaelBalter November 03, 2006
A really cool jerk. I love to sit on the phone with him while he's with his friends. He's so sweet. He's also a meanie, but I don't mind. :)
Darrens my sweety.
by Sara, No H November 28, 2009
Literally the most amazing person you've ever met. Not only is he funny, adorable, sweet and awesome, but he makes THE BEST boyfriend EVER. Everytime he talks to you, your heart soars and you experience the most wonderful form of happiness. He always makes you smile and the urge to hug him is simply overwhelming. You wish you could be with him all the time and always feel a little melancholy when he has to leave.
I can't believe I have a boyfriend as amazing as Darren...
by I_Am_Z November 24, 2012
Darren is funny, kind, loving, sweet, romantic really hot and just an amazing guy to be around. Someone who always makes me feel so special and can make me smile even when I'm sad. He is someone I always want to be with, someone I am completely in love with and he has my heart forever. he is perfect in every way :-) x
Darren touches my soul
by EmsylovesherDarren April 27, 2012

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