Lil dick nigga
Lil dick darren?
by Darrenisahomo November 29, 2011
a person that so retarded and stupid, that they cant even classify to fall in the "fucknut" category, so a new level was created especially for them. The person cant read/write a simple sentence without confusing themselves, and will have all the symptoms of Alzheimer's, but wont actually have it.
"you wish you could aspire to be a fucknut you darren"

"don't be such a darren about it"
by MorteKai October 27, 2011
is a name meaning gay ass pussy, he will act like a bad ass but when you want to fight he runs away.
did u see that gay pussy darren run.
by jayme2000 March 31, 2012
True Meaning A very funny person that tells crazy jokes. He has a strong relationship with his love one (girlfriend) and willing to do anything for her. He is also known for his excellent sex performence and unforgiveable sex moments.
That boy has a real darren to his girlfriend.
by Money808 February 06, 2009
A masculine name given name meaning "great."

A guy who:
is a leader or alpha male
is cute and funny
is creative and passionate
is dedicated to his lover
will give you the best sex of your life
Fabian is the greatest guy I know, no guy I know can beat him at anything - he's a real Darren.

I don't know if I laugh because Darren is so cute or if it's because he's just that funny.

Darren always has something new in mind for us, I've never done it upside down before.

Those chicks are wasting there time, Darren already has a hot piece at home.

Darren's girl was having a hard time taking his big dick, but she said it was the best she ever had.
by AlderWoof September 20, 2009
A species not yet identified. Positive characteristics shine in this individual yet most would beg to differ. This species has mastered the art of speech, ambiguously correct and determined to poke holes in the brain of the person conversing with him .

Your own sanity is in peril; if you can not repair the holes. Prior experience with this strange being is highly recommended. PHD in Peppering master of the seasoning usually resulting in cooking ... mutton imported from NZ roasting on the barby is a speciality. Peppa pig is watching you dazza.

Really tho darren you are a bloody top bloke !!! Representing all sectors of freewill , no straps is all I have to say.

Darren is a brother from another mother if you have a darren you know how special it is
You been with darren !! Need some salt bro
by k- chops October 21, 2014
Being a 'darren' means you are being an idiot, you've said something stupid, weird etc...
P1: I love how JB spat on his fans.
P2: Don't be such a darren...
by I-f1 August 04, 2013

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