1.An expression of elation; to be pleased with oneself; a sense of orgiastic achievement;
2.To be sexually aroused
3.A slang word for an attractive female, similar to chick or babe
Definition 1:
Guy: I got 89% in my History Essay!
Dude: Darm! Good stuff!
Definition 2:
*Girl giving you head*
Dude: Darm! Keep blowing!
Definition 3:
*Hot chick walks by*
Dude: Darm! Thats a fine ass!
by Blackstump November 11, 2003
Top Definition
meaning dang,darn,dam,damn,etc.
Those darm cats!

You burnt the darm pizza!
by Blakeg14 October 28, 2008
A very very weak statement of upsetness.
This muffin is merely mediocre. Darm.
by taytayswizzay September 17, 2013
the reaction you have when you find out your 14 year old alabama friend is really a 37 year old stalker still living with his mother
Colemans a stalker man, oh darm!
by Shannon and Shawn April 18, 2004
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