Used to describe very dark skinned African American People.
Eddie Murphy and Charlie Murphy are know as the "Darkness Twins"
by Petrov June 12, 2007
A misunderstood eliment that is ofted associated with the power of evil.
*evil dood* HAHAHA with the power of darkness, wich is the same as evil, I shall rule the world.

*hero* No, evil and darkness are diffrent. you only use darkness for evil purposes.

by Voba December 29, 2006
(1) An ace British rock band who were highly popularised to little shits by the release of their soong "I Believe In A Thing Called Love."
(2) Fair Beast!
(sung) "I believe in a thing called looooooove. Ooooo oo oo oo, GUITAR!"
by See you Jimmy? January 31, 2004
The experience one has when eradicating a room of all luminous objects whilst remaining still and silent with eyes closed, listening to the aural infection of M83. Usually accompanied by wine from a box.
This place is dead, let's go back to mine for some Darkness.

I can't believe how good that mid-Darkness manwich was last night!
by geesee March 21, 2007
Cool in a thuggin kind of way. Someone who is particularly badass in a back alley, street kind of way.
Normando: "Philipe just sold his first eightball."
Daytona: "Darkness!"

The Ravens just got Willis McGahee, man they're gonna be darkness this season.
by El Guepardo Feliz March 14, 2007
Where you go when you lose your dreams.
Dream on.
by Zach G. January 20, 2004
kyle mahoney or go to youtube and search darkness a kyle mahoney story. and you may get the picture
i am darkness bitch
by the origional darkness February 03, 2010
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