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DarkMinion (DarkMinion@USEast) (DarkMinionvL) (Mike) (Mikey)
Super 1337 programmer who hates stupid people but likes Tequila (Sexual Wink Wink Wink)

Has problems getting laid but can get booty from Mando ~

What's up Mike?


Kor PoWa?
<Zonker>: Eew, its DoucheMan
<Tequila>: DM DM DM DM DM DM <3!!!!!!!!!
<Fire>: DM DM DM
<Suicidal>: afk until dm is gone
<Dave>: anyways
<Skywing>: You suck at programming.
<Yoni>: Haha
<Pony>: ownt
<Trigga>: wait dm, let me blaze this roach and we'll baal
by Tequila November 12, 2004
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