-A star that has dark motives.

-A bright person with a dark heart.

-Beautiful, yet deadly.

-A star that no one can see but everyone can feel.

-Queen of Darkness

-The Loving Wife of a Man named Strength or Strengthy.

-The Demonic Woman who commands all darkness.
Strength was shot down, and Dark Star cried her dark tears, flooding the world with eternal darkness.
by SecretAdmirer September 30, 2004
It's your bung hole.
Dude...I hear Jay takes it in the darkstar.
by the chocolate elvis April 24, 2003
a counter-strike legend and women worship him !!
by bob March 19, 2003
An Awesome Glitcher That Owns You All!
Darkstar Just Owned Me At Glitching.
by chris October 24, 2004
also a USAF callsign for Area 51
by IrishRepublicanArmy October 13, 2003
A Star Trek nerd who spends his waking hours devising ways in which Star Trek can defeat Star Wars.
Stop pulling a Darkstar
by yg January 28, 2004
"darkstar" a great cs play.
Lives in the loser town of Wisconson.
~just cause hes good at cs doesnt mean he lives in a good state or owns bengar~
darkstar sucks!

BenGar Owns Darkstar!
by BenGar <3 Dark February 23, 2005

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