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Used to describe something or sometime with a disturbing quality
- Ey that presenter from countdown died yesterday

- Whoa...that's pretty dark, homeboi
by Antony Johnston February 01, 2006
22 24
(Noun) When used in the right context a dark can describe a mixture of a darsh and a nark. Darks generally don't have friends and are just annoying to be around.
Matt: Did you see that guy on the bike?
Chris: Ha yea, what a dark.
by scrubbyjones June 22, 2010
0 3
Meaning a Black person ,or a person with traits deserving of being one
You-"look at him eating chicken with 5 bottles of hot sauce,water melons.,okra, and a side chitterlings "

Your Friend-"What a dark!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
by The Original Black Guy May 01, 2010
5 9
means cool , very cool
"dress dark jack!"
"ok, il dress dark (;"
by emily and jade May 24, 2006
21 28
Scally version of the word "good"
nah man thans Dark init!
by SexIsADrug February 26, 2003
11 18
something that you find good
im goin clubbin tonight a liquid, yeah that clubs dark
by vexed August 05, 2005
24 32
It means "hard to see through"
It's very dark in here. I can't see.
by Christian Cruz November 22, 2006
10 20