Only the best written fanfiction on the Internet that has ever been known to include violence, sex, love, and Harry Styles.
Kayla: Have you read Dark?
by -Fanfic reader January 15, 2013
All of your daddies(and mothers) in one convenient, compact guild.
Oh shit! It's Dark! /forcerun3
by Tdawg April 25, 2005
The act of not inviting someone to an event or happening
You totally darked Burnside, he's going to be well vexxed.
by Patelio August 13, 2004
to behave kinda badly or without respect to someone safe
James: 'he was doin my girl up the arse while i was sleeping next to them'
Mike: 'thats completely dark man'
by katie the wise December 14, 2003
synononym: ripped, cut. Used to describe a muscular body.
"Did you see that guy's abs! It was like a 12 PACK!"
"I know, girl, he's so dark!"
by P. Lane February 10, 2008
(V) A man having vaginal sex with a woman.
1. John had had sexual encounters with Tina, but he has not darked her yet.

2. John planned on darking Tina later in the day.

3. "I will dark Tina," John said.
by Dan Flesh November 13, 2007
A dork that narks frequently during peak hours of the day. It is particularly apparent during autumnal equialnox and aurora boralias is visible.
Eric darked Joe out to Yalena

The hu ke lau is full of darks
by Jason February 23, 2005
1) A person from Romania specializing in gay midget porn.

2) Typically a person of below average intelligence.
That person is as Dark as it gets.
by anonymous March 24, 2005

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