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Only the best written fanfiction on the Internet that has ever been known to include violence, sex, love, and Harry Styles.
Kayla: Have you read Dark?
by -Fanfic reader January 15, 2013
266 48
adjective; vulgar racist slang, usually describing multiple black people
A bigoted white guy and his friend walk into the dance club downtown. Once inside, they realize that there are a lot of black people at the dance club. The guy whispers to his friend, "dude it's a little to dark in here for me, lets leave."
by T.P. anonymous August 24, 2008
46 41
Sunglasses. Any type of eye piece that has dark lenses. aka sunnies. Yes, they are a more generic term for stunna shades or stunnas
I'm in my whip, im in my ride,
supastar stunna wit dem darks on my eyes
by Mi0s January 06, 2008
6 3
used to describe a person, action or situation negatively.
did you see the drunken state of euan last night? it was totally dark.
by TheDiceWoman August 12, 2007
18 15
the absence of light. darkness may be conquered by even the slightest amount of light, wereas, in order for darkness to conquer light, there must be no light at all.
The room was dark until John lit a candle, at which point, everything became illuminated.
by werekdsljfa September 10, 2010
4 4
Used to describe when someone is annoyed or irritated with something or someone.
She's really dark at you for ruining her date.
by feebz November 22, 2011
3 4
(v) to avoid people or events to an extreme level, to leave abruptly and unnoticed

(n) used to describe someone who is antisocial or just likes being on their own, someone who is hard to get in touch with eg. never answers their phone
Steve "Have you seen Terry recently?"
Ted "Nah, he's been darking all weekend"

Jim's darked off again

Jim and Terry are so dark
by Unreachable October 29, 2011
1 2
The state of being really drunk. Similar to "blacking out"
"I'm dark as night" or "Let's get dark on the darkest day of the year (Dec. 21)"
by HelloNasty January 03, 2009
3 5