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This guy who would never admit he sat alone in the dark of his bedroom and watched hentai anime porn to no end. He also ran a second-rate Xenogears website with extreme jealousy and hatred for others.
Dark Warlord: but not linking me was just -_-
by BOS June 05, 2003
I have followed Dark Warlord's site since it was on Darkelf, and I must say that the dweeb who contributed this definition knows jacksquat. Dark Warlord's Xenogears site was excellent, in all fact, it was the first game website that I frequented. Dark Warlord got numerous people started, including (read about it here):

As for the hentai part, I do not judge people's personal merit by their sexual preferences.
by Little Andorian Chu-Chu October 06, 2003

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