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The significant moment when you realise you are dying and then you die - DM(abbreviation)
(man getting eaten by crocodiles)
"Oh no it's so surreal, Dark Mercury"
(Cough!, cough!, splutter, Death)
#death #dying #pain #painful #hurting
by Mark Dercury February 18, 2008
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A well known yet mysterious group that bases there practises on the original definition. Initially formed as an Initial D Version 3 racing group, Dark Mercury has now since evolved into the secret dominant leaders over the high school the members attend. Since the forming, popular phrases have been adopted, some such “Embrace Nothing” “Simply Black” etc.
Guy 1: I dont believe a group like Dark Mercury exists..
Dark Mercury member: Embrace nothing and believe... (Takes out katana and cuts down non-believer)
#theblack #death #initial d #dieing #pain
by DM-sky- October 12, 2008
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