An Imcompantent bastard that thinks he can rap and also thinks that he is famous.
Duuuude! That Darius is a fucking tool!
by Zero Haxor November 01, 2011
1 stupid
2 gay
3 call of duty nerd
4 game freak
5 pussy
Darius, random kid on the block
by ufhdujfhnv August 31, 2011
One of the ugliest organisms discovered in the history of mankind. A Darius is known mainly as a very disgusting and repulsive thing.
'Eww look at that kid he's such a Darius'
'Ergh what a Darius better shoot it to save others from having to look at it'
'Ahhh soo ugly' *pours gaseline over head* *lights match*
by Prof. M March 25, 2013
Usually mistaken for Darkass, a combination of Darius & Jackass, usually an LG hunter, looks like a pedo or rapist or somewhat .
Wow he is such a Darius ! Look at his friend list, they're all girls !
by ShadesOfGrey September 04, 2010
A baseball sized sex toy used for anal insertion

Or a slang word for Anal Diving
My Boyfriend used a Darius on me last night
by Conman83 April 09, 2010
A jew a gypsy that drives a gti.
poop darius
by mahlocha August 31, 2008
the art of loving yaoi ( Gay hentai porn). Usually below average height and loves to make out with family members for the fun of it all. Usually has a maximum length of 0.3 cm penis. Also has a weird craving for very horrible 2d games.
"yo man im such a darius. and "did you hear about Jhonny being a darius? I think thats gross."
by aloli3 November 06, 2007

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