A male who is sweet, funny, and outgoing.
He tends to make up crews for his friends.

He sometimes can be a whore but girls still love him. he has an enormus penis that is scary to every girl that sees it. he was raped as a child from his uncle but thats okay because he isnt suicidal anymore.
Damn ima start bein a darius.

Im like Darius i can cheat and girls still love me!
by Kojack aka poohman February 08, 2010
Sweet, caring, funny, compastiation, can always cheer you up when in a bad mood too. Knows how to put a smile on your face. Likes to play around a lot. cute .Is a good kisser. Amazing person. Always put others before himself. Doesn't take anything for grandite. Someone your very lucky to meet and an awesome friend.
that Darius is so rad
by swimmer89 April 05, 2011
A Darius is a caring, loving, and wise person. A Darius gives the best advice and always seems to know the right things to say to cheer you up. He has a lot of friends, very social. He may come off as being overly weird or annoying, but when you get to know him, he's hilarious. A Darius is a genuine and also blunt person. He gives his honest opinion, which can make him sound mean at times. He's really nice. He gets misunderstood. He's overly truthful and hates when people lie to him. He likes to help people. A Darius is hardworking and usually very talented. A Darius Can be your best friend or your worst enemy.
by Straight Like That December 11, 2013
A person who enjoys spicy food like curry and has a very colorful personality. However a darius hates gingers.
I saw a strange man who eats Indian food every day. He must be a darius.
by gingermattreillyginger May 25, 2014
A boy who is rude, fake, and is a player. He goes from girl to girl back to the old girl many many times. He always trys to act cool infrount of his friends but he is a softy. He dates one girl to get to another then plays every girl and says he regrets dating the first girl.
Why does he have to be his rude Darius self
by macy albaugh May 26, 2015
A very very quiet person
"Why you being a Darius"
"Your such a Darius"
by Kalamari November 14, 2014
A really rachet black kid, he likes to swear constantly and uses the phrase, "NIGGA IM BLACK" all the time especially as an excuse, a Darius also has the tendency to be overly aggressive toward things that do not matter. He also likes to convey stereotypes of African Americans.
Person 1: Hey Darius! What's going on? Can I have my pencil back?

Darius: NIGGA IM BLACK! You ain't gettin' no fuckin' pencil from me bitch ass hoe!

Person 1: Alright! Fuck, stop being an asshole.
by Negus February 28, 2013
Is a cocky bastard. He is hot, attractive, and very good in bed. everyone seems to like him. but beware! darius's will get tired of you and leave you hanging. darius's tend to be man whore and they are always over drematic. make sure not to fall in love with them.. and if you do, be propared for a heart break! they usually go for younger girls. they aviod contact and make you cry. NEVER FALL IN LOVE WITH A DARIUS!!
ugh.. do you have to be so darius?!
by emmyt July 31, 2011

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