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Can be preplanned or spontaneous but must be something that is sexually adventerous and risky that not only satisfies ones sexual urges but also the need to do something out of the norm.

Engaging in an unbridled,surprising ,and daring sexual act you personally have not done before that took moxy and aggresiveness because it was completely ruled by spontaneity and hormonal urges.

Can either be iniated by male or female
He spotted an unknown atteractive women acroos the room,their eyes met,he knew now what he needed to do,so he seductively grabbed her by the hand and led her to the restrooom,pressed her up against the wall where he lifted up her skirt and proceeded to have sex with her because he could no longer contain his urges, he finally engaged in his long time fantasy to have a daring sexual rendezvous.
by signature behavior May 04, 2009
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