A gorgeous girl, who's funny, weird, random and loves to talk. She's a little chubby but she;s got an amazing ass, and great tits(You'd like them!) She usually smokes alot of weed, drinks, goes through ciggarettes like oxygen and likes to dabble in other drugs(e.g. ecstasy, acid, shrooms, ect.) Darian is talked about quite alot and is constantly the target of rumours, but she really doesn't give a damn. School isn't Darian's favorite thing, she rarely goes and treats it like a chore or ditches when she's there. She's an honest, straight-forward and amazing person with a bit of a tendency to be a bitch, but people love her anyway because she's loyal and never gives up. Darian is determined, a risk-taker, and loves playing games and taking dares. She has a "colorful" history which she'd rather not get into, but will usually hint at or confess \when she's drunk/high. Darian is bi-sexual but usually goes for boys, she likes to date the more cutesy girls and goes for the bad boys, or guys she knows she shouldn't date. Anyone who dates Darian is lucky to have her, as she is amazing and wonderful. All in all, an awesome person.
"Who's that ditching class?"
"Oh just Darian"
"Who was the funnest person at that party?"
"Darian, for sure."
by ThatOneRandomGuyDownTheStreet April 04, 2010
Top Definition
A beautiful girl. With lots of love for everyone.
"Wow Darian! You're such a great person"
by Brittnay January 30, 2008
A girl who has beauty that can not be captured by a description using the literary arts. She is as intelligent as she is beautiful. She is a girl who has a high tolerance for almost anything. Darian's are usually not interested in scary movies, but love to watch chick flicks. Darian's are also addicted to chocolate, especially in gooey form. A girl that can not be measured on a traditional one to ten scale. The one to ten scale is based off of how close you can get to her beauty. 10 being the closest possible number, but still eons away from her. A dream girl.
guy 1: "That girl is such a Darian"
guy 2: "No, she is not a comparison to the Darian"
guy 1: "Who is that?"
guy 2: "You will know when you see her."
by Emu17 September 19, 2012
she's so fine she blows my mind
darian is hawt
by ilikevaginas November 16, 2008
A beautiful girl, who unlike other Darians is not built like a brick house nor ugly. She has an amazing personality, winning smile and a beautiful heart. You can't help but love her
guy 1:Look over there! It's Darian!
guy 2:Damn! She's such a great girl!

Today Darian mesmerized millions of guys just by smiling
by AreUKiddingMe September 01, 2010
An amazing, sweet, gentle, crazy(In a good way), awesome, loving, sister-like friend who is nothing but awesome!
Your the best Darian!
by JingleZ LuffleZ YallZ November 03, 2010
Probably the most amazing person in the world. Darian is the epitome of awesome. Even though he is awesome he is kind and does not brag unless for a worthy cause. Up until recently he has been notoriously amazing for his professional niggering and stealing stuff.
Omg i wish i was like Darian
I lost my Ipod...Darian must have been here.
by Almost as cool as darian October 20, 2010
An all around remarkable guy. You will not meet anyone else like him. He has a great judge of character, and knows how to make the ones he loves feel special. He has the ability to make you laugh even when you are sad. Darian is the kind of guy who will always put others first, no matter what. Darian is very smart, caring, patient and thoughtful. A person who will never miss an opportunity to give you a compliment. The kind that gives the warmest hugs, the most loving kisses, and the most truthful “I love you”.
Darian speaks the truth and nothing but the truth.
by NiagaraFalls February 13, 2015

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