A really large fart, usually smelling bad.
I really wish she didn't have a daria
by ashleek2312 April 28, 2009

Daria is a very sexy and beautiful young women. she has brownish blondish hair up to her shoulders. she has honey brown eyes and she does have boobs shes not flat like rosalie, j/k .Some of her best friends r jenna,addie, iva, igor, marko, jeremy, riak and many more
You look almost as pretty as Daria but not quite, too bad!!
by daria July 10, 2004
a fat whore who obsesses over men.
she gossips, flashes money, and needs intense
psycological help.

person 1: whos that gushing over jeff*?
person 2: i dont know, she looks embarrasing
and fat.
person 1: look at how much clothes she just bought from target.
person 2: omg, she is so spoiled.
person 1: you know who that is??
person 2: no, tell me.
person 1: it a ....daria

*somone who is considered "hott"
by greg garret March 28, 2008

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