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In Darfur, a region in Sudan, millions have been victim to genocide. The Janjaweed, a loosely organized militia of about 20,000 Arabs on horseback, is slaughtering the people of the region and taking many women and girls as sex slaves. This is all because of a few rebel groups in that region. The Sudanese government claims they aren't supporting the Janjaweed, but it is common knowledge that they are. So far, 200,000-400,000 have been killed, and 2.5 million have been displaced to the neighboring country of Chad, a country that is trying to help. The U.S. and the U.N. has done practically nothing. This needs to change.
Donate, join a charity, raise awareness, or the STAND (Students Taking Action Now: Darfur) chapter at your high school (if you're in high school). Together, we can change the world and undo the damage done as a result of the Darfur Conflict.
by itakeastand July 10, 2008
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