Amazing body, sexy, 90% of Darcy's have abs, Beautiful, hot, babe magnet, lovable, amazing kisser
Wow, look it's Darcy! She's amazing!
by NameMeanings October 25, 2012
Some one who looses in ping pong...but then lies and tells everyone they won :P
Man, that kid just pulled a Darcy! I totally beat him and he said he won
by yowasssup May 16, 2011
To give someone a rather foppish,flappy and unconvincing beating to a foe.To speak confidently about one's abilities but not actually be able to back it up with any conviction.
He spoke of giving the fellow a damn good thrashing,but in the end could only succeed in giving him a Darcy!
by The Scotty Dog February 08, 2010
A monkey.
Yesterday I went to the zoo and saw some funny Darcys hanging from a tree.
by pennylane91 August 01, 2011
to pull off a Darcy is quite funny and sometimes difficult. A Darcy is caused after smoking marijuana (Pot) and afterwards you only get one bloodshot red eye.
clayton-Lol look at his eye
harbir - omg it looks like he pulled off a darcy
by shamanspwn777 June 06, 2011
1. the bassist for the smashing pumpkins for many years (with the exception of the years when she was kicked out fostering her crack addict, and replaced by melissa auf der maur). likes to wear see-thru shirts, but was pretty good at what she did (besides the crack...)
2. a crack whore
1. D'arcy was a good bassist, but Melissa is better.

2. Damn it! why must you be such a D'arcy?
by arwen July 22, 2004
The epitome of flustration; rage at its finest.
Darcy kicked the door in again

I know, he's so flustered.
by D1SN October 13, 2008
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