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(dar-see) Noun. A situation where one uses far too much language to adequately describe a situation or task at hand. Not to be confused with TMI. This is not embarrassing or revealing information, just useless.
"Just the facts ma'am. I don't need all the darcy."
by Edward Bil April 26, 2013
spectactiwonderful (spectacular+wonderful)
thats a really darcy tie you're wearing.


you're a darcy person.
by wordtoyourllama June 24, 2009
when a senior chooses to take a junior course in order to make friends and feel like a "tuph guy"
"Dude, are you taking any sciences this year?"
"Yah, I'm taking Chemistry 11."
by Frass, is tis wer put name? December 18, 2009
to get your eye cumed on so fiercly that it becomes lazy.
1:wtf is up with her eye
2: she got a darcy last night
3: ohh i gave a darcy to my ex
by gibblesandbits March 03, 2010
A person who laughs at a joke before reading, or a person who cant even finish a joke because they spontaniouly bursts into laughter before the joke is even done.
Person 1: Have you finished reading the joke?
Person 2: No i haven't, I've only read the first two word.
Person 1: Ugh, you're such a Darcy!
by Rosa_that_seat March 08, 2010
bassist for the smashing pumkins
see Gish (the album)
by bubba jo pappa November 11, 2003
Down right beautiful inside and out! She is different from other girls. She has her own style and personality that'll make people fall in love with her. She is never mean unless they're mean to her or someone she truly cares about. Super hilarious and her laugh is contagious, making everyone laugh along. When her friends don't have her around, they're just bored without her. Many guys love her, and many girls will be jealous of this, maybe some guys might be jealous because they like her while alot of other guys do too. She doesn't crush on people easily, but if she crushes on "you", then you're lucky, because it's hard for her to choose Mr. Right. Overall, she is the most amazing girl you'd meet.
We need Darcy, it's so boring without her!
by WikiNames November 01, 2012
A sexy girl with an equally sexy imagination. A personal hug drug. Someone who can make you feel better.
I need a Darcy hug.
by Bella_Wheatley June 29, 2014