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French for tall, dark, and handsome. Often confused for the modern day Superman. A stunning model of the human form with angles that mirror a Greek masterpiece.

Darcy Aranda exceeds at many trades but is best known for his intellect, humor, and wit, all of which are best displayed in his writings. A `Darcy Aranda' is an award winning author of novels, short stories, and screen plays. Darcy Aranda possess a rare talent to make others laugh and cry through his words. A `Darcy Aranda` has the gift of making others laugh until they cry and experience the darkest corners of their nightmares. Darcy Aranda is a prodigy of his time.

A `Darcy Aranda' is deeply passionate, loving, and faithful. To know a `Darcy Aranda' means that you will forever have a loyal friend that can always make you laugh. Every girl dreams of marrying a `Darcy Aranda' because he will treat her like a queen and devote every ounce of his heart and soul to her. To experience the love of Darcy Aranda is the epitome of eternal happiness.
Someday, I will marry Darcy Aranda.
by Mrs.Peabody Darcy October 22, 2010