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The name of a famous dancing disco queen. Referred to as Darcin the disco queen.
"WOW, who is that incredible dancer over there!?!"

- "Bro, thats Darcin bro, Darcin the disco queen. He's the greatest dancer EVAH!"
by natashva February 12, 2011
1. An evil counterpart of a friend with two personalities.

2. A disco queen, who is actually a male.
"Wow, I was watching Fight Club last night. Brad Pitt is a real Darcin."

Bob: Did you take my last cigarette?
Jon: Yeah man, sorry.
Bob: Man, you're such a Darcin sometimes.

Andy: Dude, that guy just took 14 tablets of Ecstacy.
Sam: Bro, that's Darcin. He slapped my girlfriend's ass and dances like Rasputin - and he's sober too!
by nishinga March 08, 2011