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Darce comes from the term 'decent' but usually the meaning is used in circumstances where the subject deserves an adjective stronger than 'decent'
ahhhh that is soooo darce

ahhh she is so darce

(about a situation) oooh, (that is) obviously darce
by JaJt January 23, 2011
1. To awkwardly fail at something repeatedly with such tenacity that you become worthless.

2. Dunce
When Dans wife realized he forgot items at the grocery store, she called him a Darce. He then bashed her head into a treadmill.
by Herman Drunkenhauser April 08, 2014
As a verb: to make an error for no particular reason; goof up
As a noun: a person who chronically makes a wide assortment of errors and mistakes to the point where it is a personality trait. (This person can be a darce or darcer)
Hey, man, you darced my name on this paperwork! (verb)
Dammit, I work with that darcer, Dan, today. He gets so much less work done than I do because he makes so many mistakes. (noun)
by Horny Goose May 22, 2015
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