An ugly girl who is mean and fat. Brown hair usually piled on her head in a rats nest. She's a wanna be popular.
That girl is such a Darby!
by October 20, 2014
An average person who sometimes hangs out with creepy people, that can be funny. She is fun loving and crazy, and she loves to party and have a good time.
Wow, Darby you're a crazy party animal, but you aren't quite as cool as an Ashlyn.
by cooler.dan.u March 24, 2009
A chick from Florida who randomly changes subjects.
by KageGamer February 15, 2004
A township in Delaware County Pennsylvania. There is also a Darby Borough in Delaware county too. Running near thoses two towns is Darby creek. There is also a Darby road in the township of Haverford.
I don't remember if Bob lives in Darby township or Darby borough. Or does he live on Darby road? I think I killed some brain cells swimming in Darby creek.
by Grant June 12, 2004
Darby is a term used to describe someone or something that has only one or one fully fuctional ear.
'oi , why do you only have one earphone in?'

'i've got a fucking darby mate, it sucks'
by Denoon15 November 07, 2009
A girl who has the weasels, naked little boy syndrome, and has a ferret fettish.
"Look at that darby..."
"Which one is she?"
"Weasel girl."
"I hear shes also got nlbs..."
"thats no bs.".
by kaykaykaykaykaykay January 13, 2011
the homeland of seanyo san similar to the shire for hobbits, seanyo consumes six meals a day there and watches gandolf's fireworks (potato guns) that take the shape of a dragon. also it's really cool, a lot cooler than crapaska!
I'm comin' straigt outta Darby, crazy stupid sucka named seanyo, when I speak I make the knowledge grow...
by seanyo san January 11, 2004

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