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Mark with spots or rounded patches.
An animal whose coat is marked with patches or spots. (Dapple)
by TimothyFaggot June 11, 2010
4 4
an apple with a top hat and a monocle
"Hey let's dress up that apple with a top hat and monocle,we'll call it a dapple"
by gingah owl July 05, 2013
3 0
It's when you give someone "props" or "dap" (positive recognition)not using the hands, but instead using apples. Yes the fruit. But at times you can use the actual Apple Computer.
Dap: Positive recognition.
Apple: Fruit and or Apple computer brand. (Rarely, but at times you may use Chris Martin's (Lead singer of Coldplay)daughter "Apple" as well when giving "dap".)

Example: Dude, you got the new iPhone, wow gimmie some Dapples!

by FooBrite December 10, 2007
4 2