a naked black girl covered in bukakkae cum, singing the alphabet.
yo dawg did you see that dante last night. it was soo sitcky and gross.
by ref427 December 19, 2014
A Bad-ass motherfucker who fucks it literally in the pussy.
The act of being awesome or owning something awesome.
Being a fucking dick to strangers
You are such a Dante. Please don't be a Dante
by ToptimalJsynergy January 12, 2015
the head of an I.T. department
hey dante, i broke my computer

i need you to fix it

by brian brian brian brian brian December 06, 2008
Dante's are often infinidouche's, they control forums.
Making many more people into infinidouche's as they become pissed off.
(12:56) Andrew: Hey dante, your a fat whale
(12:57) Dante: /infinidouche Andrew
(12:57) Infinidouche: Aw, crap :(
by AndyMan1234 December 13, 2010
when a waiter jizzes/spits/poops/throwsup in your food before you receive it
We were real dicks to that waiter, i hope he doesn't dante in our burgers.
by potatoes63 December 09, 2010
another word for a loose cannon
Person 1: fuck i cant play css with that fag, he's a dante.
Person 2: What?
Person 1: you know, he's a fuckin loose cannon man.
by teh winzorz wif big d1xxx March 22, 2009
An alright guy but is misuderstood.

Most people fall into the trap of believeing that after the character Dante from Devil May Cry all Dantes should be kick-ass cool. Unfortuantly it's a massive let down ifg they are not.
Still I have found them to be an average set of people.
I have a friend named Dante but he can't run up walls or turn into a demon. :(
by Toothpaste Salad January 22, 2009

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