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An awesome English bloke who is certainly liked by everyone. He has a kick ass body and can defo kick anyone's head if they annoy him. He's pooh bear and always looking for his "Honey" Oh oh oh and also his jubjub is really pretty and he has mini nips! He's also a smexy beast.
Dante the Muay Thai fighter
by PandaS1ut December 31, 2011
Spicy sausage
1. I'll have a pizza with plenty of dante thanks

2. I like him because he has a dante
by asabove August 28, 2010
Dante's are often infinidouche's, they control forums.
Making many more people into infinidouche's as they become pissed off.
(12:56) Andrew: Hey dante, your a fat whale
(12:57) Dante: /infinidouche Andrew
(12:57) Infinidouche: Aw, crap :(
by AndyMan1234 December 13, 2010
the head of an I.T. department
hey dante, i broke my computer

i need you to fix it

by brian brian brian brian brian December 06, 2008
when a waiter jizzes/spits/poops/throwsup in your food before you receive it
We were real dicks to that waiter, i hope he doesn't dante in our burgers.
by potatoes63 December 09, 2010
another word for a loose cannon
Person 1: fuck i cant play css with that fag, he's a dante.
Person 2: What?
Person 1: you know, he's a fuckin loose cannon man.
by teh winzorz wif big d1xxx March 22, 2009
Two words:

Damn that guy last night had a Dante dick.
by Doucheess March 24, 2013