The main character in Devil May Cry. (Which ownz Ninja Gaiden by like infinity) Though he is filled with cocky corny one liners he owns. He wields with two guns with infinite ammo (Ebony and Ivory) and his sword Alastor.
"So, this is what they call a heart-warming family reunion"
by Ghostface October 10, 2004
Dante. The most amazing person ever. When you meet him your heart will soar, and your eyes will pop out of your skull because this will be love at first sight. He will wait for you and chase you and once he gets you he will treat you like a princess. He will spend every waking minute texting or talking to you. He will take you out a lot and never let you pay for it. He will be loving and kind and do spontaneous things. When you think he couldnt get any better, he will then introduce you to his whole family. After his family loves you, he will then tell you how much you really mean to him and then tell you he loves you. Once you find a Dante, never EVER let him go.
Vimbai- Hey Morgan, how are things going with Dante?
Morgan- Oh you know how perfect he is.
Vimbai- Yeah he treats you like his very own princess.
Morgan- I know. He and I have been in love ever since we met on New Years Eve 2012/2013.
by davisonm1996 May 20, 2013
A Dante is a soldier or a guardian of a kindgom. Sometimes it will be turned into a snowman by a evil group called the Reficues. Made famous by inthelittlewood on YouTube.
Person 1: Oh god the reficues just turned the Dantes into snowmen.

Person 2: We better head over to Granny Mana to get some splash potions from her.
by clydz December 25, 2011
When you rage immensely or rage so badly you quit at whatever you are doing. Mainly video games.
Oh God, he's pulling a Dante...
by TatteredTime June 19, 2011
The incredible Dantes is a man of limitless talent. Dantes can make hard love and can make a woman know her place in this world. With intelligence over 9000, Dantes is destined to rule the Earth as supreme leader. Dantes is beautiful and admired by those around him. Indeed, Dantes is considered a product of God himself.
Look, over there! It's the second son of God, Dantes!
by Johnny StepsX April 11, 2011
He's tall and handsome and is lightskined and I wanna make him mine<3
Dante : Stefanie miller wrote this
by dantesgirl11 January 04, 2014
A guy who is light skin and sexy. His dress game is always on point and correct. He's very smart and sophisticated. When he loves, he will love you like no other and treat you like royalty. If you even meet a guy with this name and description you should keep him close and never let him go.
Dante is just about the most attractive man I know. That's the marriage type.
by TrulyDaDifference November 14, 2014
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