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Alphonse Dante Bichette, Sr. is a former professional baseball player and hitting coach for the Colorado Rockies. He also denied a sweet, young child an autograph once in the late 90s which scarred the child and turned him into a 6'4'' sexy beast who holds a completely irrational grudge towards an overpaid, under-talented hag such as Dante Bichette.

(noun) "This is Dante Bichette"
(verb) "He's totally dante-ing"

See also, "Bichetting"
1) Dude, is that Dante Bichette?

2) Bro, he just dante'd that kid out of an autograph! What a douche!
- No. You mean, what a Dante Bichette.
by grudgemaster flex May 13, 2013
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