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Sister of Kylie Minogue
Dannii looks sexier naked than her sister Kylie
by Anna October 25, 2003
She is the younger sister of Kylie Minogue. Also she a successful actress and singer. Danielle Jane Minogue was born in 1971, the youngest of three children. By June 1978, she had secured a role in the Australian series "Skyways". A number of guest appearances followed, leading to her appearance as a "Talent Discovery" on the popular "Young Talent Time". Three years later she became and official cast member. As Dannii's professional resume grew, so did her popularity. Her first fashion range, titled "Dannii" sold out in a record 10 days in 1988. International stardom came when Dannii took the role of Emma Jackson in the popular soap opera "Home and Away" (1988) which led to her recieveing the "Most Popular Female TV Personality" Award at the Australian Television Awards 1989 Logie Awards. Her self-titled debut album was released in 1991. Her motion picture debut Secrets (1990) came in 1992, and she followed this success with a second album, "Get Into You, " in 1993. Upon relocating to London in the early 1990s, Dannii hosted a series of talk shows for British television. After a break of three years, Dannii began work on her third album, "Girl" which was released on September 8, 1997.
by Samurai Katsu September 22, 2003
A true beauty, a true star (Kylie take note)
Try and name a few big hits by Dannii Minogue, well what about "Love and kisses" "This is it" "All i wanna do" "Who do you love now" "Put the needle on it" "I begin to wonder" "Dont wanna loose this feeling/groove" or should i go on? Yes she has had some work (botox and a nose job) but the rest is from dramatic weight loss. She is a true beauty, a true star with one of the srongest recording voices from a white female (except anastacia who sounds like she swallowed gravel though). She must be doing something right if she has already sold over 6 million records, and has a career spanninng over 15 years. She may be living in Kylies shadow, but Dannii is the true talent, whilst kylie is the record labels puppet. dannii does it her way. And it works.
by Danniifreak March 09, 2006
The queen of plastic surgery, who will be forever destined to live in the shadow of her older sister Kylie. A tool of her record company that (much like Kylie's), will attempt to style her to appeal to what ever poor young fools that constitute their target market.
Dannii Minogue does not pay any attention to genres in music and does not like to be pigeon-holed by the crap music journelists whose unbiased (ha!) opinions she survives on.
by SID_6581 November 05, 2003
Conceited little pop-whore and sister of the equally talentless Kylie Minogue. Plastic in every sense of the word. Never achieved anything of worth and never will. Ultra-pretentious to boot.
Person A: I went out and bought the latest Dannii Minogue single.

Person B: Shoots person A in the head with a large gun (person B is later Knighted).
by triggaz April 15, 2008
If you could give Dannii Minogue one award, it would be for making the shittest records ever!! Im being totally serious, how can somebody make such crap records. She tries to copy Kylie, when Kylie is hardly fantasic either. Stop trying to hog fame Danni, you plastic biatch!
Try and name a huge hit by Dannii Minogue? UMMMMMMMMMMMMMM......... exactly!!!
by mimimariah October 02, 2005
along with her sister kylie, the biggest embarrassments our country australia, has ever produced
australia is ashamed of kylie and danii,
oh man ur such a dannii
by nat November 16, 2003
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