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A girl who has gone through been through hell and back, yet is still the most wonderful person in the world. She cares for everyone and does her best to help anyone who need it. She is one of those people who only sees the good in you and leaves you with a smile on her face. She knows how to make you happy when your sad. And is the only person who can make you laugh when your crying. She is your best friend and sister. She never leaves your side and always picks you up when you fall. You don't know what to do with out her and can't imagine a world with out her.
Danniella is My Best Friend and Sister
by MHRC97 March 08, 2013
A girl who is perfect in every single way, down to earth, and just amazing, so adorable and beautiful, and is really loveable!
I love her so much, she's a Danniella
by Yo mama sucks April 20, 2011
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