Top Definition
1. A girl that always look great, even if she thinks she doesn't
2. A really funny girl that people love to be around
3. A girl that is loved by a guy
4. A girl that is currently in a relationship
5. A synonym to Hannah Montana
6. A soccer goddess
Me, Swol, Ben, and Dannah ate tacos last Saturday.
by bballbouncer10 March 30, 2009
A girl that you are in love with. That you fall for, the first time you meet her!
Guy 1: So yeah, I met this girl, named DANNAH, yesterday and I think I'm in luv.

Guy 2: Yeaaaaaa she's cute, but she a hoe doe.

Guy 1: Really bruh, whale shit!

Guy 2: Nahhh I'm jus kiddin she ain't a hoe, she aight. If you like dat kind of big booty type........

Guy 1: Oh I do! And she got cakes 😍
by I like it when dey bounce🍑 17 January 26, 2016
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