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Dann (that's right, two Ns) Hume is the drummer for New Zealand band Evermore. Born on 1 September 1987, he is the youngest of the band and always wears cute little glasses. He has composed some of Evermore's most well-known songs such Running, Light Surrounding You and It's Too Late.
"Dann Hume is a talented musician and should be served with chocolate sauce."
by CC the pirate January 08, 2007
Daniel Benjamin "Dann" Hume was born in New Zealand. He grew up in Feilding, on the North Island. He plays drums in the successful New Zealand band Evermore. He is the youngest of his 2 brothers, Jon and Peter Hume. Jon and Peter are the other members of Evermore. Dann is the smallest of the band, as he is the youngest. He has recently been known to have been called the "Danninator!", named after a cartoon character a fan of the band drew of him. He is kind and witty to all of his fans. Dann wears trademark John Lennon styled glasses all the time, even whilst drumming.
Dann hume "Hey I remember you!"
Me "I remember you too!"
Dann Hume "What do you know. Let's be friends!"
Me "Yes please! Hello, I am Nicky *sticks out hand*"
Dann Hume "Hello there, I am Dann! *clasps both hands over mine*"
Me "I know I already took pictures with you and your brothers, but can I take one all together?"
Dann Hume "Look, you got what you got, now it's time to leave.. Nahhh okay. If you can round them up, I'm in!"

*this happened on June 23 2007 at Evermores Wellington Concert for the "Real Lif" tour
by Nicky New Zealand! June 23, 2007