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Noun: A friend who is so retardedly bitchy and annoying and can not be described as anything other than a "danky hoe".
Noun: A hooker that has perfected the act of being danky.
Noun: A hooker that exceeds the "hoe-ness" of an average 1st street hooker.
Adjective: A negative and highly insulting world meant to inflict a large amount of suffering on the human conscience.
Adjective: A word used to describe something that contradicts everything moral in this world.
Hot Sexy Chick : "Hey wanna go see a movie with me tonight? (:"
Kid With Car : "Sure :D "
Hot Sexy Chick : *calls another guy on the phone* "Hey baby I got a ride to the movies tonight, see you there! (; lovee youuu byeeee<3 *hangs up*
Hot Sexy Chick : "Pick me up at 7(;" *walks away*
BillyBobJoeBob III : "You danky hoe.."
by IEatMuchoRice March 30, 2010
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