Dankers is when, you smell your peng an it hits yo face like cs gas
yo boy snow white an her 7 lil chemists been playin with that danker s*it
by tk March 25, 2004
The act of takin' a large shit.
Damn I shouldn't have drank so much coffee. Now I have to take a mad danker
by Concrete Canoe February 18, 2011
Something of high quality.
That girl over there looks dankers!

That song is dankers man!
by Beny Thompson August 14, 2007
The act of going to concerts, events, social gatherings, etc. alone.
Ah damn, Brian can't go to the show tonight... I guess I'm going danker tonight!
by MountainManSF December 10, 2012
Another word for a Penis or Weiner.
"Trick you best get down on this DANKER before I put 5 across yo face."
by Monte8950 May 01, 2008
Danker is basically like a word for all words ie.Dumbass, stupid, fucker etc... So you could use the word for calling a "friend" a dumbass and they wouldnt know wat it means yet...(This word will be a Curse word one day)
Look at the danker just sitting there doing nothing, go smack him!
by Damien Black February 20, 2005
The art of the swanker, or danker. The moves of an individual in social situations which cause one to be dankering.
I do not danker, but that guy has been dankering all night!
by frodo77 August 19, 2004

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