Something that is dirty, disgusting, foul or wrong.
Joe: Man, I went to that corner shop down the road
Dan: How was it?
Joe: Dude it was so dank.

I'm not going under the house, it's fully dank down there!

You should clean out your car, it's getting pretty dank.
by eimah November 25, 2009
For something very good, or high quality.
Thats was a "Dank" Taco Man!
by Anonymousssss2222 October 04, 2009
A word originally used to describe a potent form of cannabis, while in Birmingham UK it can also be used to describe a paricularly hot girl
1) Wow, that cannabis was dank
2) Wow, that girl is so dank
by CJWhite August 02, 2009
The word dank can be:

An adjective describing unpleasant dampness or humidity.

a word used to describe high potency cannabis that is still moist.

An adjective describing something as positive or awesome.
That weed is dank man!
by Roberto May 29, 2006
the danky, dank weed is high class weed (kush, white whidow)
or dank chronic, dense high quality dank nugs.

those white whidow seeds grew the danky
by pack September 11, 2005
high quality, potent, moist weed!
pass that dank fo shizzle my nizzle
that shwg you had befor sucked ass, chuuuch!
by paco June 24, 2003

Usually refers to weed. But nowadays, it is used by swag fags and low lifers to refer to something they think is "cool". I essence, it replaces the word "good" or "cool" or anything of the sort.
swagfag 1: Aw hey man, what did you think of the joke I told you?
swagfag 2: It was soooo dank man.
by Jim Dunnigan January 16, 2015

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