Cross between Dirty and Skank
Some one who is dirty and Skanky and they arent worth 2 words so Dank covers it
by Mali November 03, 2005
"cool", "tight", "sweet", "chill"
"that's dank, yo"
aw man, dank
by coral November 10, 2004
1. is only the best of the best 2. good green weed 2. anything exceptional
maui wowie, G 13, I got some dank smoke or I got to eat the dankest food last night
by wej johnson March 15, 2003
also used like bang, to have sex with, ect.
you gotta dank that skank
by chromemyhome February 14, 2005
a really drunk bitch at a party; DRUNK SKANK.
I can't believe Heather was such a dank at that party last night.

Damn that bitch was dankin it last night.
by carolebaybee September 12, 2007
honestly I reinvented the word dank earlier this year by giving it it's most recent meanings.
totally wicked

so basicly dank means great

But you cant use it often, so you cant say anything like "That party was dank!" because that would just be stupid
You are so dank.
Matt is so dank.
This is the dankest day ever.
by Matthew Hoffman August 03, 2006
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