A cigar, cigarette, or joint dipped in formaldehyde.
That fool was goin off on danks, hearing voices, then he started killing people and eating them.
by machine November 10, 2004
to steal something of low monetary value.
i danked that shit, yo.
by Morgana December 11, 2003
Something really gross or ugly
Greasy, dirty, disgusting
Man that picture of me is dank

Jeez, that girl is totally dank
by animalgang January 10, 2009
danks is used as a sarcastic term, derived from the word thanks or thank you. usually used to express disgust with something, someone, or some task.
teacher: alright class todays homework assignment is to write a 9 paragraph essay due tomorrow along with reading this novel.
john: DANKS!!
susie: daannkkkssss
by schaeneman22 June 15, 2007
Talking about something good, but can only use it when talking about food
That food your grandma made was super dank
by Tezy May 12, 2004
Omg!!That shit was dank!!No FLAVOR!!Role me anotha!
1. When you smoke weed and it isnt strong at all...
by Kyle March 15, 2005
slang for McDonalds.
Person 1: You wanna get some Danks, bro?
Person 2: Sounds good.
by ksisk March 05, 2008

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