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the act of murdering your girlfriend's cat with your car and driving away making her think it was someone else
dude i've just done a danks
by jim robert danks September 01, 2010
a name for good weed, also harder
Danks - weed and harder
by greattttttt March 18, 2006
wack,fucked up, messed up,shitty
that shit dank. thats dank.
by ballsyayayep1 December 16, 2008
NOT a term for weed, you stupid stoners. It means a really strong, bad smell.
His armpits were mad dank
by nateabel October 14, 2006
A cigar, cigarette, or joint dipped in formaldehyde.
That fool was goin off on danks, hearing voices, then he started killing people and eating them.
by machine November 10, 2004
to steal something of low monetary value.
i danked that shit, yo.
by Morgana December 11, 2003
Something really gross or ugly
Greasy, dirty, disgusting
Man that picture of me is dank

Jeez, that girl is totally dank
by animalgang January 10, 2009