1.) adjective: Describing an extremely potent weed type

2.) to dank, verb: to take one's index and middle finger, and use them to shove the shit in of an unsuspecting victim.
1.) That is some dank ass weed.

2.) I just danked Tom real good.
by Garrett H. January 05, 2006
Nice, Sweet, Good, Tight, hot
yo nigga that purple haze was dank. That shit had me tripping ballz.
by ceemoney January 04, 2006
dank (adj.) d'ank: Vicious, off the hook, buck, crazy, wild
Yo, that party was dank!
by Cheeese December 16, 2005
adj: a word used to describe something totally sweet, awesom or outrageous.
man this is one DANK party!

That's the DANKEST girl I've ever met!
by MJdub November 20, 2005
Sticky icky Swoopy Woopy Schwingdangulous green funk to ever hit the land!!!!!!!!! Otherwise you smoke dirt da dirt dirt dirt dirty dirt doo be dirt schwagtabolous dirty dirt!!!!
This is the result of 5 bowls of "DANK"!!!!!!
by Smokey Mcpot November 21, 2004
something or someone (most commonly an ugly girl) which/who is both dirty(in the bad way) and rank hence the collaboration of both words into the phrase "dirty rank" and then the shortening of the phrase into the word "dank."
"oh man, celia is such a dank cunt!"
"fuck off celia you dank bitch!"
"that celia is so fucking ugly, she's proper dank!"
"that celia is so dank it makes me want to tear my own eyes out!"
by xjack steelx August 14, 2007
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