hot, or really good, or really srtong kind of weed, the best kind
that boy is so dank!
by vroooom May 26, 2005
An expression about the appearance or behaviour of someone
That looks reallllllll dank.
by drew christx April 21, 2005

1. An offensive person.
2. A powerful smell.


1. Unpleasant smelling.
2. Not a socially accetpable thing to do.
You copped out on us again, you fuckin' dank.

That is the dankest smelling shirt ever.

What a dank ass answer, thinking it was true when it was clearly false.
by Pilot December 29, 2004
good, or kick ass
Dude your car is dank.
by james coder June 11, 2004
Real tasty.
I BLAZE DANK nuggets.
by \m/ MATT \m/ March 25, 2004
Adv: Used to describe something in an either good or bad way based on the tone of the word. Means very good/cool/awesome/gnarly/extravagant or very bad/lame/gross/dumb.
That girl is pretty dank! (good)

That girl is pretty dank... (bad)
by SamuelPowers May 08, 2006
completely and utterly disgusting, grotesque beyond imagination,unbearable, gross, blinding.
"check out that chicks pooch!" "man thats dank"
by Matt Albright January 22, 2005

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