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THE best word ever, to replace "fuck"
"That's danking fabulous"- T-man
by A-lad June 11, 2008
something delicious and yummy and amazing....mmmm the pasta i ate tonight :)
scrumptious meals, lets see for example jimmy johns, oakland gyros, johnny v's....etc. etc.

shit that sub was dank
by meel face September 10, 2006
1)most or damp cave
2)goood weed-stickyest of the icky
1)this cave is dank(only old people say that)
2)Hook me up with some dank
by ThatOneParkerKid October 09, 2005
The correct meaning of dank is a marijuana joint or blunt, That is sprinkled with cocaine
Twist one up. Roll up a dank.
by Roy m3 May 31, 2005
hot, or really good, or really srtong kind of weed, the best kind
that boy is so dank!
by vroooom May 26, 2005
An expression about the appearance or behaviour of someone
That looks reallllllll dank.
by drew christx April 21, 2005

1. An offensive person.
2. A powerful smell.


1. Unpleasant smelling.
2. Not a socially accetpable thing to do.
You copped out on us again, you fuckin' dank.

That is the dankest smelling shirt ever.

What a dank ass answer, thinking it was true when it was clearly false.
by Pilot December 29, 2004