Dank- Dense marijuana buds.
"One of those dank buds broke up to be 2 grams, when it really only looked like 1."
by nj42 February 24, 2005
Some damn strong ass weed, thas fo sho'
"I fuckin' saw the light"
by kat February 07, 2004
Some thing that is extremely good.
Damn that weed is dannk
by Bryan October 18, 2003
THE best word ever, to replace "fuck"
"That's danking fabulous"- T-man
by A-lad June 11, 2008
something delicious and yummy and amazing....mmmm the pasta i ate tonight :)
scrumptious meals, lets see for example jimmy johns, oakland gyros, johnny v's....etc. etc.

shit that sub was dank
by meel face September 10, 2006
1)most or damp cave
2)goood weed-stickyest of the icky
1)this cave is dank(only old people say that)
2)Hook me up with some dank
by ThatOneParkerKid October 09, 2005

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