something very good; of very high quality

or bad smelling weed
Damn Chelsea D. is soo dank!
by Chelseaaaa March 06, 2007
Another word for cool. Considered a "hipster" way to say cool. Most normal people that say it are posers.
That shit is so dank!
by Lyly February 15, 2007
Dank is a word used extensively by local hardcore/punk kids on Cape Cod, mostly in the O-Town area, used to describe something astounding, mindblowing, mind-bending, etc.
On Cape Cod is not used to describe drugs.
Dude, that Crap Napkin show was SOOOOOO dank.
by Sam P. November 29, 2005
sticky, green, crystals,potent smell, dense danky

rolled a 7 gram blunt of the danky
by pack September 11, 2005
The term dank originated from the pungent odour that comes from stagnant clothing left in the washing machine after a cycle.

Nowdays dank is often used to describe a range of body odours from someone who hasn't showered or changed their underwear for more than a week.
"Your breath stinks you danky bitch"
by Nicoretta June 18, 2005
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