friggin nice weed, which upon inhaling will then procede to cause the participant to become "high" as a kite within one hit
We smoked dat dank and de hills were alive. oh, yeah.
by ghandi September 19, 2002
a fun word to yell :)
Philup clean up your room!" says mother
"DANK!" screams philup
"Huh?" syas mother
by Philup April 03, 2008
dang stinky, aka stanky
fool did u just fart? thats dank
by britton bentley February 18, 2008
cool awesome fantabulous dank
that yellow mustang is pretty dank yes i did use the word dank in the sentence! dank dank dank dank dank
by Allie & Monica June 02, 2007
Dank is a description for a place where you want the lights kept low mainly so you don't see the dirt or the other people there. Dank in a bar is good
"I need a drink, where is there a bar with some Dank around here?"

"Yeah, that dude's apartment had some serious dank to it"
by quelar March 17, 2006
can be either good or bad, depends mostly of the context of the sentence, used in reference to girls, drugs, skillz, etc
"Dude that chick is DANK!!!"
"Check out my DANK stash"
by David Kries March 24, 2005
1.) adjective: Describing an extremely potent weed type

2.) to dank, verb: to take one's index and middle finger, and use them to shove the shit in of an unsuspecting victim.
1.) That is some dank ass weed.

2.) I just danked Tom real good.
by Garrett H. January 05, 2006

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