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all around good
those are some dank waffles
by Nick Pete July 27, 2003
5 15
something or someone (most commonly an ugly girl) which/who is both dirty(in the bad way) and rank hence the collaboration of both words into the phrase "dirty rank" and then the shortening of the phrase into the word "dank."
"oh man, celia is such a dank cunt!"
"fuck off celia you dank bitch!"
"that celia is so fucking ugly, she's proper dank!"
"that celia is so dank it makes me want to tear my own eyes out!"
by xjack steelx August 14, 2007
5 16
The male penis, or phallus.
"Oh dude, you should have seen in, my dank was hanging out and everything!"
by Hambonio May 24, 2006
9 20
not dry but>>>> wet.

really wet.

as for weed...wet not dry
thats some dank pussy bitches
by 47 what lies beneath May 24, 2006
10 21

1. very good

2. very bad
It was a thouroughly dank hotel.
by Light Joker January 02, 2006
3 14
ADJ - 1. Low-budget but awesome.
2. Gross and moist
- "Yo, that set-up was really dank"
- "Booya"
by Dapas September 07, 2005
2 13
Dank- Dense marijuana buds.
"One of those dank buds broke up to be 2 grams, when it really only looked like 1."
by nj42 February 24, 2005
5 16