Marijuana, specifically high-quality marijuana smoked or eaten while playing World of Warcraft.
I just smoked a sweet bowl of dank to my dome piece!
by Kaij March 16, 2008
1) damp or humid; 2) popular or in style.
Her flute was dank because she forgot her flute swab.
by Cal Thomas March 01, 2008
a skanky ass bitch who never takes showers
dood, look at that dank.
by lainey426 February 28, 2008
potent. usually refers to
medical marijuana or something
that's sick.
Ex. 1 This Sour D is dank.
Ex. 2 Those 22's on the Range
are dank.
by vdubbintheclub January 18, 2008
something really cool, trendy, fun, or in style. usually an adjective.
that was so much fun last night.
yeah, that party was dank.
by AJBlock October 24, 2007
dank is simply anything that tasts good
1) "man, that was some dank ass weed"
2) "that lunch was dank"
3) "her pussy was so dank"
by vmpre426 June 17, 2007
Another way of saying "rad"
"She's a pretty dank chick"
by sao fan June 11, 2007

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