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1) damp or humid; 2) popular or in style.
Her flute was dank because she forgot her flute swab.
by Cal Thomas March 01, 2008
dank is simply anything that tasts good
1) "man, that was some dank ass weed"
2) "that lunch was dank"
3) "her pussy was so dank"
by vmpre426 June 17, 2007
Another way of saying "rad"
"She's a pretty dank chick"
by sao fan June 11, 2007
loaded with, or coverded in wicked tight steez
"yo man that trick was dank!"
by dankrider May 07, 2007
Another word for cool. Considered a "hipster" way to say cool. Most normal people that say it are posers.
That shit is so dank!
by Lyly February 15, 2007
A word used to express the hotness of someone.
James McAvoy is really dank!
by Bennie P. March 08, 2006
Dank is a word used extensively by local hardcore/punk kids on Cape Cod, mostly in the O-Town area, used to describe something astounding, mindblowing, mind-bending, etc.
On Cape Cod is not used to describe drugs.
Dude, that Crap Napkin show was SOOOOOO dank.
by Sam P. November 29, 2005