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Really good mairjuana typically grown by hydroponic methods.
Thats some dank weed.
by PA September 30, 2003
10 17
high grade pot, not the best but far from the worst.. any other slang uses only makes me laugh my head off
I just hoovered a bongload of killer dank.
by cipher August 06, 2003
6 13
dang, pronounced with a "k" at the end
"dank, did u see her mug when i strawberry shortcaked that bitch!"
by herb007 August 01, 2008
1 9
Marijuana, specifically high-quality marijuana smoked or eaten while playing World of Warcraft.
I just smoked a sweet bowl of dank to my dome piece!
by Kaij March 16, 2008
0 8
1) damp or humid; 2) popular or in style.
Her flute was dank because she forgot her flute swab.
by Cal Thomas March 01, 2008
0 8
dank is simply anything that tasts good
1) "man, that was some dank ass weed"
2) "that lunch was dank"
3) "her pussy was so dank"
by vmpre426 June 17, 2007
4 12
Another way of saying "rad"
"She's a pretty dank chick"
by sao fan June 11, 2007
2 10