1. A sleazy and very slutty girl. One who fools around alot and does slut-like things.

2. A term to describe "Good Weed" (And or Drugs)

1. A: "Did you see the new girl?"

B: "Yeah shes such a Dank."

2. A: "How bout this stuff, dude?"

B: "Man, That stuffs Dank!"
by F A11 March 19, 2010
1) An expression for some one or something that is extremely great.

2) A saying to show great entusism toward a subject.
Hey do you know where I can find some dank lobster rolls?
by blackdaddybigcocks March 19, 2010
When something is just awesome all together. Often used to describe food.
Damn this shit (mac and cheese) is dank (awesome).
by dirtyjoedog February 07, 2010
good stuff that is dank
by good guy80 January 15, 2010
Something or somebody who is cool, sly, or even a pimp. May also mean the act of being cool, pimping, or trapping.
"Damn dog, that was the dankest rhyme I had ever heard." The boy said, talking about the dank rapper.

"Dude, that shirt is totally dank, you should buy it!"

"When I fucked that chick last night, it was dank."
by Shizzzard July 13, 2009
Awesome, cool, good

Antonym: Doyo
Man that ass is dank!
by Fatman5AA June 30, 2009
dank - adjective - way bomb, just way bomb.
Stevie P: Hey Tj what do you think of my new shirt?
Tj: Dude your shirt is dank.

Stevie P: Thanks man, my amazing girlfriend got it for me.
by dani_guad June 23, 2009

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