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Awesome, cool, good

Antonym: Doyo
Man that ass is dank!
by Fatman5AA June 30, 2009
2 4
dank - adjective - way bomb, just way bomb.
Stevie P: Hey Tj what do you think of my new shirt?
Tj: Dude your shirt is dank.

Stevie P: Thanks man, my amazing girlfriend got it for me.
by dani_guad June 23, 2009
2 4

1) Much like how a fly buzzes and bacon sizzles, some weed(good weed) is dank. In this way Dank is a word that is almost onomatopoetic, however, instead of relating to the sound of weed which would be more along the lines of "youknowyouwantto" or possibly "Comeooooonnnnnmaaaannn", dank is the smell of weed perfectly expressed in a single word.

2) Good Weed/Chronic

1) "Woooh!! Shit son that shit is dank!"

2) "Yo man wanna get high"

"Fo sho" ....puff.. puff.. pass. "Wo. That shits dank!"
by Jerehmia May 27, 2009
11 13
After era- 90's

Dank refers to something of good quality, or substance.
Anything Better than the norm, or exeptionally good. Usually appealed to the Smell and Taste senses.
(Often used as a stoner reference to good quality weed, Marijuana).

Pre era-90's (less used)
A smelly moist place. Like a sewer.
Dude, that sandwhich smells Dank!
This is the most dank Chicken i have ever had.
I have the Dankest Weed you will ever smoke.
by Vanman118 May 04, 2009
7 9
another word for cool or awsome
that shit was dank!
by daisy-the-fox January 13, 2009
21 23
weed, cannabis, marajuana.
dude, pass us a bit of that dank.

shit man you really need get off the dank
by awesomeluke September 15, 2008
7 9
1. Potent Marijuana

2. Execellent

3. A word to say if your really happy!
1. Fuck dude I smoked the most dank weed last night!

2. Dude I just ate the Dankest slice of pizza

3. "Dude Dylan I just got a half ounce"... "DANK!"
by DandB August 29, 2008
6 8