you smell like shit
"dude you fucking DANKKKKK" or "you dank of weed man, shit"
by joe farrugia August 03, 2008
Word used by Stoners to describe things of very high quality
Noah:That weed was dank
by Stoner123 July 16, 2008
Very good quality Marijuana
Pass me the Dank Pimpin.
by Dr. Brownthumb May 28, 2008
A word used to describe something of high quality.
Satisfaction in other words.
That was so Dank!
That guitar solo was dankage.
by Nikki B! December 27, 2007

1.High quality marijuana; sticky icky.

2.A word used to express that the marijuana your refering to is of good quality.

1. Hey kid want to buy some of this dank I got on deck.

2. Fool, this nugg is so dank.
by mattie pattie May 21, 2007
The word dank can be:

An adjective describing unpleasant dampness or humidity.

a word used to describe high potency cannabis that is still moist.

An adjective describing something as positive or awesome.
That weed is dank man!
by Roberto May 29, 2006
Another way of saying cool, awesome, or sweet
"Ah dude that game was dank!"
"I know man, so fuckin' dank, though"
by mjn318 June 04, 2014

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