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Also an expression requently used by stoners and hippies for something of high quality.
That borritos was dank, man.
or... That borritos was the dankness
by Casey April 19, 2005
short hand for Dirty Skank
"Chelsea is a right Dank!"
by kingo666 October 30, 2011
An adjective that is variable to the situation. The meaning is to be inferred through context.

1. Good dank
2. Bad dank
1. Dude, that sack you had last game was dank!

2. Wow you need to clean out your car, its getting pretty dank in there
by ShmurpleJammer August 30, 2011
Refers to weed or women, anything awesome
weed: yo man, want to smoke some solid dank

women: tap that dank man

awesome: we had a dank time no doubt
by UrbanMinister February 02, 2011
Word used by non-smokers to describe complete and utter shit, reflecting their opinion of those who do smoke.
Jacob: I may not smoke, but I know what good shit smells like, and whatever they had was some dank-ass shit.
Vince: You mean it was really good?
Jacob: No, I mean it was shit.
by AnonymousVince January 14, 2011
a sentence inhancer used in the Eastrand of Johannesburg, South Africa which can be good or bad depending on the situation or circumstance.
these burgers are dank, they'll fill us quick!

dude i jus waked past the alley way around the corner n it smelt freakin dank!
by Mr. Miseree December 20, 2010
extremly awsome or super gnarly
Dude nathan is not dank.
by Dr. Pimp Daddy April 01, 2010

1. displeasing to the senses; inclined to anger when looked upon.
2. used when a person resembles a trashy hoe/ crackhead-hoe; looks as though you should be on the corner, selling yourself for cheap.... VERY cheap.

synonym:ugly, gross, disgusting, skank
1. "Natalie you look like a dank hoe!"

"What's wrong with that?"
2. "ew, that girl is DANK!"
by thebigfriendlygiant January 01, 2010

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