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Also an expression requently used by stoners and hippies for something of high quality.
That borritos was dank, man.
or... That borritos was the dankness
by Casey April 19, 2005
1. (Adjective) Typically cold, musty, or dark, often in an enclosed area.
2. (Noun) A term for a specific type of drug.
3. (Adjective) Means to be "cool" or "awesome" as define by modern, uneducated idiots.
1. The air inside the basement was dank and musty, sending chills through the Ayano's spine.
2. Dank is a type of dangerous drug, otherwise known as weed.
3. The party was described as "dank" by the uncivilized, modern teens.
by Burrfrost September 03, 2016
slang for marijuana, can be used as a noun, "Dank," a verb, "to dank," (which means to smoke marijuana) or an adjective, "that's dank " which means either high quality or as a synonym for "potent"
Yo bro, it smells like dank in here
Bruh, someone is definately danking it up in here

I can't wait to dank tonight

Bruh, I ate the dankest lasagna last night
by thedankengine69 January 13, 2016
1-to be so awesome and cool that it's become a compliment and super swaggy

2- your cranky or annoying or borh
1- your so dank Adrian oh my gosh
2- why are you acting so dank today ugh
by dank Christian October 13, 2015
One may not fully understand the meaning of dank until you witness the dank hindu kush.
"Man have you had the dank?" "Nigga tf you talkin' bout you ain't even had the dank hindu kush nigga"
by Dankapotomus Rex August 08, 2015
Dank is an adjective used to describe how powerful or how advanced something may be. something of mighty greatness and amazement. Something that can be described as a fun activity, something very good and pleasurable.
"That pizza was dank!"
"Bob's like the dankest guy of the group!"
by Sharkeishamclovin March 08, 2015
An adjective (sometimes a noun) meaning anything good. It could mean a pb&j, a long and sweaty car ride, or ramen noodles on the top of a chilly mountain.
*opens car after a 27 hour car ride * man that's DANK
by Dank_drunkinloveremix March 06, 2015
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